Kids First
Nursery/Preschool Worker (Babies - 2&3's)

FBC Blackshear • Part Time

Job Description:
Responsible for the spiritual, emotional, and physical care of our youngest children, connecting with parents and providing a safe and loving environment while children are in your care.

Responsible to: Children’s Ministry Staff
Time required: No specific preparation during the week, 30 minutes before service time and duration of service.
Spiritual Gifts: Shepherding, Mercy, Serving
Special Skills: Love of Children! We will teach you the rest.
Training Provided: Periodic volunteer training offered in person and through social media links that will be provided quarterly throughout the year.
Background Check: Every worker and volunteer must have an up to date background check.

Description of Responsibilities:
Be the first person in your room each week.
Pray over your room each time you serve.
Keep a good record of attendance in your room.
Greet parents as they drop off and pick up their children and help them feel comfortable leaving their child in your care.
Consider any special needs of individual children as well as parents’ wishes in the care of the children.
Provide loving care to each child checked into your room. Interact and engage the children in play.
Know and follow all policies and procedures related to diaper changing and bathroom help, sanitation of toys, sickness, accidents, etc.
Be aware of security and evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency.
Clean up after service and set up for the following service as needed.
Always have a lesson plan and activities for your room to do.

Conduct and Guidelines:
Be on time and be flexible.
Be respectful to parents and children.
Work and pray with others.
Never be with a child alone – always have another volunteer present.
Never leave a child alone – stay as a group.
Be able to direct and help volunteers.

Sunday Morning: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Sunday Night: 5:30pm – 8pm
Wednesday Night: 5:30pm – 8pm

If interested, please email your resume at the link below.

Student Ministries
Student Pastor

FBC Blackshear • Full Time

Position Summary:
The Student Pastor will work alongside the church staff of FBC Blackshear. The Student Pastor oversees all activities in the youth ministry and supports and equips leaders in the church to serve teenagers at FBC. Primary responsibilities are teaching, mentoring, and being active in the community through church and sporting events.

The goals of the Student Pastor are as follows:
Steward well the budget set for the youth ministry.
Pursue the mission of the church with grades 6th-12th.
Adapt the mission of the Senior Pastor to fit the vision of the youth.
Create discipleship pathways and mentoring opportunities to grow youth in their faith.
Plan events and schedule camps that fit the interests of teenagers in hopes of seeing them saved and discipled (Summer camp, D-Now/M-Now, etc.)

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Teach, equip, and organize Sunday School teachers and other leaders to teach grades 6th-12th. This includes quarterly meetings, Sunday School curriculum, conferences, and other resources given to increase their effectiveness.
Oversee a Wednesday night program that engages teenagers in the 6th -12th grade. This includes food, games, music, and teaching. This is a flexible and changeable night to use the skill sets of teenagers, and every youth need.
Oversee a Sunday Night program (different than Sunday School) that peaks the interest of youth to take the next step in their Christian faith. This includes food, curriculum, and fellowship.
Start other avenues for discipleship during non-church days to take the next step in Christian maturity. This could range from morning breakfast before school or a Saturday morning leadership training.
Be a resource not only for youth, but also for the parents and families in whatever need they have. Have parent meetings that equip on how to better disciple their children, and deal with the specific issues of the day.
Organize and develop a responsible budget for the needs of the youth ministry. This also calls for stewardship and flexibility in spending funds designated to the students.
Help the Senior pastor in other preaching/teaching/discipleship avenues. Visitation of a youth or a youth family member that is in the hospital or sick is the emphasis, but visitation of any church member as requested.
Attend and help with funerals of church members and people in the community.
Preach as assigned by the Senior Pastor
Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor or Deacon body.

Expectations and Requirements:
Be spiritually mature in all conduct, loving and caring for all church members.
Continue to pursue avenues of further education and other resources for youth ministry.
To be supportive of association, state, and Southern Baptist Convention ministries in line with the vision of the church.
Work when scheduled and requests/use leave appropriately.
Maintain a professional appearance; dress appropriately; and observe health, safety, and sanitation policies.
Strong organizational and administrative skills.
Exhibit strong people skills, effective leadership skills, and be a team player

The above is intended to describe the general content of the requirements for the performance of the job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements.

If interested, please email your resume at the link below.